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Breaking the Silence on Modern Day Slavery

Breaking the Silence on Modern Day Slavery

On Tuesday evening I went to watch the SheFest screening of SOLD at the showroom cinema. The film, which is based on true stories, follows the journey of Lakshmi a young girl who is trafficked from rural Nepal to a brothel named “Happiness House” in Kolkata, India. The film is by no means an easy…
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Everyday in Lent

Fair trade: Everyday in Lent (Part One)

Fair trade: Everyday in Lent Part One Today is the first day of lent. You may have already, like me, decided to give up treats for the next forty days. Or you might be taking up something fabulous like the 40Acts challenge. Or perhaps giving or taking things up for Lent is not even on…
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fair trade flipping pancakes

Fair Trade Flipping

Fair Trade Flipping I love Pancakes. They are one of my favourite foods. I like them sweet, savoury, crepes or scotch. I just love them. Due to this obsession, Shrove Tuesday is one of my favourite food days of the year because I feel it is totally acceptable to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and…
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fair trade Chocolate cake

Fairtrade Chocolate Cake

Try this really easy, really chocolatey, fair trade chocolate cake with yummy fair trade chocolate icing. It’s taken me a long time to find a really good Fairtrade chocolate cake recipe. This one is perfect as it’s light and moist at the same time as well as being really chocolatey! I also like it because…
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Ethical shopping credit card

5 Easy Ethical Shopping Changes You Can Make Today!

I regularly have conversations with people about fair trade. In fact, its one of my favourite topics of conversation! Sometimes, I’m met with responses such as: it’s too expensive, my local supermarket doesn’t stock it or I don’t know where to start! So, here’s a list of five easy changes EVERYONE can and should make…
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January… Organise your home 

Organise your home 

My house is a mess…. Christmas is well and truly over, my house needs an extension for all the new toys, I haven’t cleaned since December 21st and nothing seems to be in its right place. I’ll be honest, I’m completely overwhelmed by the mere thought of sorting it out, but living in the mess…
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