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When you make a purchase through our online shop we donate 5% of your bill to one of our shop charities. This doesn’t cost you a penny and is just another way that we try to use the our shop as a force for good – putting people over profit.

There are five charities to choose from, TASTE, Traidcraft Exchange, ASSIST Sheffield, Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity and All Saint’s Church Ecclesall. At checkout you will be prompted to choose a charity you would like to support with your purchase and we will make a donation on your behalf.


Would you get up before dawn to collect muddy water from dew-pools that have formed overnight? Would you dig into the sandy river bank to get water for your children to drink? That’s how many of the communities that TASTE support get their drinking water.

For the ‘lucky’ ones, they simply have to trek 5km to the stream each time they want more water. It is estimated that during the dry season, women and children spend an average of five hours every day fetching water! For many children this means missing school – which doesn’t worry them too much but really hampers their education.

When they get to the stream, the water they collect will often be polluted and will need to be boiled or filtered before it can be drunk. Imagine the children playing … getting hot … and running to the stream to guzzle some water!

130,000 children under 5 die every year from diarrhoea in Nigeria. That is one little life every four minutes!! When TASTE provides clean drinking water via a borehole, the incidence of illness amongst the community – especially amongst the children – is reduced dramatically.

TASTE was set up as a result of first hand experience of one of the Trustees, Ben Udejiofo, who saw in his own village the desperate need for access to clean water. He registered TASTE as a charity in the U.K. on September 7 1999, to encourage the spread of appropriate and sustainable technology in Nigeria. Originally, the intention was to take the form of sending suitably qualified professionals to work alongside local professionals. However, this quickly moved to developing our own Nigerian drilling team who are responsible for the construction of community boreholes. More recently, we have seen volunteers from the UK travel to Nigeria to share their expertise, thus developing the skills and capacity of our own staff and the communities with which we work.

TASTE is our primary shop charity and we will continue to give our profits to them at the end of each financial year.

Traidcraft Exchange

Traidcraft Exchange works in partnership with Traidcraft, the fair trade business, to promote justice and fairness in trade – on behalf of people in some of the world’s poorest countries. Through development programmes in South Asia and East Africa, and policy, lobbying and campaigning in the UK, they have made a difference to millions of people.

Traidcraft and Traidcraft Exchange were founded on Christian principles. They hold a deep rooted belief in justice for the poor and the value and dignity of all human beings which is grounded in the Christian faith. However, they work with people of all faiths and none, and their values resonate far beyond the Christian community.

They believe that trade and business are vital activities which can generate wealth, support livelihoods and enable people to thrive. But trade is not an end in itself, and business does not inevitably result in equitable rewards for all people.

Because of their commitment to justice and equality, they believe that trade and business need to be managed and shaped to be fair and accountable, and to help bring about a world where the most vulnerable are included and the environment is sustained.

Traidcraft Exchange’s history and roots in the alternative trade movement mean that the principles of fair trade sit at the core of who they are and what they do, and they will continue to support the movement. However, they recognise that there are multiple ways to achieving fairer and more just trade and business. This is why they pursue a range of approaches and partnerships.

ASSIST Sheffield

ASSIST Sheffield is a community led charity who support some of the most vulnerable people living in Sheffield – people who have been unsuccessful in their applications for asylum and as a result have been made destitute. Many of them have escaped the unimaginable horrors of war, violence and persecution, but simply telling the truth about the conditions they have fled sadly isn’t always enough.

Without refugee status asylum seekers are not allowed to work. Once their initial application for asylum has been turned down many are left with no right to housing, benefits or other vital support. They’re left homeless, destitute and vulnerable on the streets of our city.

ASSIST is an invaluable lifeline for refused asylum seekers in Sheffield, offering solidarity, support and hope in the form of accommodation, advice and access to essential services.


Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity

For one in two of us, cancer will change everything. When it does, Weston Park Cancer Charity is there to face cancer with each one of their patients.  Their services, advice, therapies and support are for their patients and the people close to them, helping everyone to live with and beyond cancer.  The funds they raise also support vital, pioneering research and clinical trials led by the exceptional medical experts at Weston Park Cancer Centre.  It’s their job to care in every sense for our patients and their families. Their help is free, and they remain for their patients at every step of the journey.

Both directors Rob and Jenny Coleman worked at Weston Park Hospital for many years and have seen the real difference that the Cancer Charity makes to patients at the hospital.

All Saint’s Church, Ecclesall

Rooted in the local community and in the wider south west of Sheffield, All Saints Ecclesall is a church family of all ages. It is a grade 2 listed building, dating back to the 18th century, and so regularly in need of a bit of repair. All Saints is a very diverse church in its needs, callings, and aspirations, welcoming all – in and out of the parish. While the church halls have been closed, finances have been particularly stretched. 

This church means a great deal to Directors Jenny and Rob and they have selected them as one of the charities supported by online sales.

*Please be aware that the charitable donation from online sales is in lieu of loyalty points.  The loyalty card can continue to be used for in shop purchases (excluding click and collect)