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Meet the Artisans Behind the Products

Meet the Artisans Behind the Products

Meet the artisans

Our Fair Trade products are sourced from more than 30 countries across the globe. Fair Trade empowers artisan craftspeople and farmers to raise their living standards above the poverty line. This is achieved by paying a fair wage for their work and through the Fairtrade premium, which enables the community to support local projects such as health centres and schools.

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Honeystreet Handmade is a range of luxury bath and body products certified by Fairtrade. The products are individually handmade in small batches in the heart of Wiltshire by a small team from a long standing family run Fair Trade company. All the products avoid any of the ‘bad stuff’ which can usually be found in bath and body products, and contain no parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, palm oil, artificial colours or fragrances. 

Zaytoun supports an olive tree planting project which is run by the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA) and produces the organic, fair trade olive oil, dates, maftoul and freekeh which we sell in the shop.  Farmers can apply through the PFTA to become growers and in order to be successful a farmer must show that they own land suitable for the number of trees applied for and be ready to plant the trees on the day they are delivered as well as demonstrating the capacity to care for and nurture trees.

A group of about 60 artisans, drawn from local villages, work together to create a wide variety of ceramic items for the India Shop. Every step of the process is done by hand, from when the raw clay is softened, formed on the potters’ wheel, fired in the wood burning kilns, glazed and finally packed ready for its long journey to the UK.

Just Trading Scotland (JTS) support over 700 smallholder rice farmers in the Karonga region on the northern shores of Lake Malawi, by providing a market in the UK for the high quality Kilombero rice they grow. They use traditional cultivation methods which protect the environment and have sustained local communities for centuries.

Tilnar Art | These quirky creatures are handmade in Zimbabwe from seed pods which have fallen from trees. They are then hand painted and decorate to look like birds and animals. Each is completely unique!

The work which the women do for Just Trade UK has made a significant difference to their household incomes, meaning the women have been able to improve their homes, pay for medical treatment and educate their children, as well as spend more time with their families.

Lanke Kade make the beautiful and brightly coloured toys we sell in the shop.  Step into the shop and it’s hard to miss the boldly coloured chunky puzzles, beautifully painted wooden animals and adorable multi-ethnic dolls from Lanke Kade and not hard to see why they remain one of our most popular products.  Not to mention the Noah’s ark which is a favourite item amongst our smallest customers!